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Welcome to Fritz Dogs!

Fritz Dogs team work

Fritz Dogs is a group of people who have the goal to help and save as many Spanish street dogs from the killing station as possible.

However, we do not give animals to German animal shelters, but only help the animals find a new lovely home, often in Spain but also in Germany, Austria or Switzerland…

In the last 5 years, we have been able to rescue over 500 furry emergencies and give them a new home and we would be very grateful for your help to make it many more.

Please visit our Gallery to see our current furry emergencies as well as our saved “sea stars” and feel free to chat with us in our forum. As we would love to stay in touch with all the dogs, we appreciate any photos or comments from the new Fritz Dogs owners.

Unfortunately, our work is connected with many costs which we are not able to carry alone. Therefore, we would appreciate any financial help. You can find details for donations under our documents page.

We are a registered non-profit organisation in Spain and we can issue you a donation receipt on request.

In the name of all the “sea stars”, we would like to say...THANK YOU!

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